Selling a home can be an expensive endeavor, and for that reason, it’s important to know that you are moving for all the right reasons. If you are considering selling your home, be aware of these often-overlooked costs to determine if a move is right for you.

Paying The Real Estate Agent

​While most homeowners understand that real estate agents don’t work for free, they often don’t realize the percentage of commission real estate agents earn when a home is sold. Depending on the location, the commission rate for an agent is normally between 3-7% of the sale. While you always have the option to sell your home yourself, be prepared do a lot of the heavy lifting that a real estate agent would do for you -costing you more time and money.

Lawyer Fees

When it comes time to close on a home, lawyer fees will need to be paid before the sale is finalized. This will run you anywhere from $500 to $1000 when you consider other costs: registration fees, disbursement fees, sales tax, and other miscellaneous fees. Not every selling situation is the same, so consider reaching out to a few lawyers and pricing them accordingly. This way you can get a better picture of the overall costs associated with processing the sale your home

Recommended Repairs

​Most buyers will hire a home inspector to look over the property so they can get an idea of any recommended repairs that need to be completed. From there, the buyer will usually request that the seller make some repairs before the sale is final – and this can cost you a pretty penny. Depending on the nature of the repairs, you can either do them yourself or negotiate with the buyer. In some instances, you can lower the price of the home to offset the cost of repairs, provide them with a credit, etc. Either way, it’s going to cost you.

Home Staging

While home staging is not mandatory, consider this cost a highly recommended one. When selling your home, you want your property to look as attractive to buyers as possible. To achieve this, you need to ensure that it has curbside appeal to stop any would-be buyers passing through the neighbourhood. Improve the property’s landscaping and make it more presentable by adding shrubs, flowers, etc. Repaint the outside of the home and fix any exterior problems- do whatever you can to give the home a mini facelift. And the same goes for the inside: repaint, hang artwork, keep it tidy and de-clutter. This is where a real estate agent can truly prove their worth, as they know what buyers are looking for and can guide you on how to make the home staging process work for you.

What If I’m In A Hurry To Sell?

If you simply want to sell your home, avoid renovations, and would like a quick cash offer on your home, call Forte Real Estate right away. We work with people who want to sell quickly and discreetly, and every seller has a unique story. Maybe they just inherited a home they don’t want. Maybe they wish to sell off the home to avoid foreclosure. There are endless reasons to sell quickly and wipe your hands clean of a property. We provide fair cash offers within one hour for homes in any condition, without any fees or commissions whatsoever. There is no need to perform renovations on your home, stage it, or plan an open house. We buy houses in as-is condition. If you’re looking for fast cash and a fast closing, contact our team right away. Let us help you sell your home today!

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