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“Kellie was extremely friendly and well versed with todays real estate. They gave us a fair price for our rental home. We’re very pleased with the seamless closing. I would recommend Forte to anyone looking to sell [their] home.”

- Cristina C

Christopher Walker



“I had an older home that was difficult to sell, Forte actually helped me. They were so accommodating, Kellie was at my home within a day, within half an hour we had a deal and it was signed. They were fantastic, it was an easy process, they were so pleasant to deal with.”

- Jenny K

Donald Adams



“Made the call, and by the next day we sold our home, it was literally 12 hours and we couldn’t be more happy. Staff is awesome. I can only thank them, I would suggest Forte Real Estate in a heartbeat.”

- Marius P

Nancy Wright


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For over 12 years, Forte Real Estate has invested in our community by buying homes, renovating them, and providing private mortgages.
We are in the renovation business, so we buy houses in any condition, including those that require major repairs and/or renovations. We are in the business of making your home selling process simple, stressfree, and easy for you!

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